Event Hosting and Expectations

This is the new procedure for hosting an event on Houston Airsoft.

The following requirements will go into effect as of July 1, 2009. Those that currently have Hosting/posting rights will be grandfathered in.

1. A member for at least four months.

2. Have attended 10 local skirmishes or 6 local and 1 Regional/State/National game.

**Note that at least two week notice should be given**

Once the above listed qualifications have been met you should submit a your event on the website's calender. Note that the event WILL NOT show up once submitted. Also take care to fill out every field in the form or the post will be ignored.

After submitting the new event contact D-day via PM. Upon reply you will be given a 10 question TASO Safety and responsibility quiz. Pending a passing grade your event will be moved up the chain for approval.

Users can apply to host events in an unmoderated full access user setting by asking Porter or D-day via PM and taking another Safety Quiz. (Other considerations and requirements do apply)

SAFETY is of the utmost importance for this hobby.

With that in mind hosts are expected to give a full safety briefing and explain the safety rules before their event moves onto the field. It is also expected that the host makes every due effort to uphold all TASO Rules.

The Safety Briefing Sheet can be found at:

If for any reason a player refuses to follow any of the rules it is the hosts responsibility to address the situation immediately. The player should be removed from the field and if needed the management and/or Field owners should be called on to assist if necessary.
It should be apparent that hosts are expected to be responsible and enforce the rules at all times, failure to do so will result in the lose of the privilege to host games on Houston Airsoft and can also result in notice of this action being given to TASO sister sites.

Should players refuse to follow safety rules on the field it will result in their banning from Houston Airsoft.

TASO Code of Conduct and Rules of engagement:

We need Hosts, Team Captains and the community as a whole to keep the site staff advised on events we are unable to participate in so appropriate action can be taken should something come up.

All requirements set forth are subject to change by either TASO or Houston Airsoft.

Special thanks to CyanRiven for laying the ground work for this policy.
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Post Apocalyptic Saturday 3/10/2018

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  • Post Apocalyptic Saturday 3/10/2018

    When: 3/10/2018
    Where: Paintball Zone North
    8312 FM 1960, Humble, TX 77346
    Time: 8:00 AM to 1:00 PM
    Fee: $15.00
    Can't play on Sundays? Come out for a Saturday skirmish! Gates will open at 8am so we can get on the field early and have some quality time before the paintballers show up. We will be running a post apocalyptic theme for this game.
    Scenario: A plague has wiped out most of humanity. the government has set up a base for food and medicine and has assigned a military squad to protect the food, medicine and civilians..A group of bandits wants to get their hands on the supplies.
    Military: Players in full military gear
    Bandits: Civilian clothes, military tactical gear is ok.
    Military will be stationed at the main fort area. Bandits HQ will be the "oil refinery" area.
    Cost: Field fee of $15
    There will be some recoverable swag on the field for players to find and keep.
    This will be a good game for first time players.
    Paintball Zone North
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