Event Hosting and Expectations

This is the new procedure for hosting an event on Houston Airsoft.

The following requirements will go into effect as of July 1, 2009. Those that currently have Hosting/posting rights will be grandfathered in.

1. A member for at least four months.

2. Have attended 10 local skirmishes or 6 local and 1 Regional/State/National game.

**Note that at least two week notice should be given**

Once the above listed qualifications have been met you should submit a your event on the website's calender. Note that the event WILL NOT show up once submitted. Also take care to fill out every field in the form or the post will be ignored.

After submitting the new event contact D-day via PM. Upon reply you will be given a 10 question TASO Safety and responsibility quiz. Pending a passing grade your event will be moved up the chain for approval.

Users can apply to host events in an unmoderated full access user setting by asking Porter or D-day via PM and taking another Safety Quiz. (Other considerations and requirements do apply)

SAFETY is of the utmost importance for this hobby.

With that in mind hosts are expected to give a full safety briefing and explain the safety rules before their event moves onto the field. It is also expected that the host makes every due effort to uphold all TASO Rules.

The Safety Briefing Sheet can be found at:

If for any reason a player refuses to follow any of the rules it is the hosts responsibility to address the situation immediately. The player should be removed from the field and if needed the management and/or Field owners should be called on to assist if necessary.
It should be apparent that hosts are expected to be responsible and enforce the rules at all times, failure to do so will result in the lose of the privilege to host games on Houston Airsoft and can also result in notice of this action being given to TASO sister sites.

Should players refuse to follow safety rules on the field it will result in their banning from Houston Airsoft.

TASO Code of Conduct and Rules of engagement:

We need Hosts, Team Captains and the community as a whole to keep the site staff advised on events we are unable to participate in so appropriate action can be taken should something come up.

All requirements set forth are subject to change by either TASO or Houston Airsoft.

Special thanks to CyanRiven for laying the ground work for this policy.
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Rose Creek Massacre Airsoft Scenario Game March 18, 2018

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  • Rose Creek Massacre Airsoft Scenario Game March 18, 2018

    When: 3/18/2018
    Where: Tanks Paintball
    22011 Southwest Fwy, Richmond, TX
    Time: 8:00 AM to 5:00 PM
    Fee: $25.00
    $15.00 for students with valid ID

    Hosted by HHN Infidel Airsoft Squad

    Facebook Event Page:

    Rose Creek Massacre
    Theme: Wild West/Western
    Rules, uniform, costumes, props, games all will be posted in comments below..
    Story line: Based around the 2016 movie "The Magnificent Seven".
    In 1879, robber baron Bartholomew Bogue besieges the mining town of Rose Creek.
    Emma Cullen, and her friend Teddy Q. must escape to the nearest town in search of someone who can help them and come upon warrant officer Sam Chisolm, who initially declines their proposal until he learns of Bogue's involvement.
    Chisolm sets out to recruit a group of gunslingers who can help him.
    Arriving in Rose Creek, the seven engage in a gunfight with Bogue's enforcer McCann and his men, and drive the corrupt sheriff away with a warning to leave Rose Creek alone. Surmising that Bogue and his forces will return. The towns folk prepare for an all out battle.
    Bogue arrives with an army of mercenaries and attacks the city, which has been rigged with multiple bombs and traps. A massive shootout ensues. Realizing they are outgunned, the seven evacuate the townspeople and mount their last stand.

    RCM General Game Rules. Note that some of the rules for player cards and medics may change if needed.

    Equipment - field rules apply. Rocket launchers will be allowed but must shoot nerf type only rockets, and must adhere to the field rules. Limited ammo for nerf rocket launchers will be allowed. Melee knives and hatchets are allowed. But must be made of rubber or foam.No real blades allowed for safety. Smoke grenades and airsoft grenades will be allowed as they adhere to field rules.

    Uniforms - Country western wear is recommended but not mandatory. If wearing milsim, the shirts it is preferred that they be:
    * a tan, multicam style pattern, desert camo etc.
    * a green, black, woodland or other greenish camo.
    Of note some foreign camos are really mixed and will be at the games producers discretion. Pants, can be of any style camo or color but is preferred to match the shirts.
    Camelbaks, harnesses, vests, etc have no camo or color restrictions.
    If your going to be wearing cowboy boots please be careful! It can get slick out there.

    Arm tape and Player Cards - Arm tape will be provided by your General(s). Arm tape can not be switched unless approved by the producer of the game or is on a "special mission" given by a npc.
    Player Cards - We will try to get you all player cards. So this is pending. Player cards will be given to each player. Please do not lose these! They will be needed to get your arm tape. And to help identify who which side you are really on. If you lose your player tape, you must dead man walk to your hq and show your player card to the General of your side. If you lose both your card and tape then you will have to come see me to get it resolved.

    NPCs are NON PLAYING Characters. They are not to be shot at unless the mission card specifically says so. They will be eyes and ears for the refs. Each npcs has a special role, and generally are neutral. Except for one. Youll find out during the game.

    Missions/Objectives - Each mission card will have 1-2 missions on them. Upon completion of each mission it is best to get a ref to call it in. Or have the referree do a mark on the mission to verify that mission was completed, if the ref does not have a radio. They will have special markers. Then the card must be turned into your general so your side gets tohe point for the said mission. Of note: Multiple missions may be running at the same time.

    Pre Mission and Mid Mission Games Rules:
    Pistol Duel - Only two people at time may participate. If a dueler is hit by a non dueler ie. from the back. It will NOT COUNT as a hit! Only 3 rounds will be allowed in the revolver or pistol. And the mags will be checked by the refs before the duel may begin. There will be 5 duels thru out the day. A 6th duel will declare the winner if both sides are at a tie. A specific area of the field is the only area that the duel can be done.

    Knife Throwing - only approved melee rubber knives will be allowed for this event. The knife will need to land or go thru the set target. 3 throws allowed per player. Do not throw the knife at each other, referees or bystanders! In doing so, you will lose all points and can recieve further trouble. So keep it safe.

    Pistol Marksmanship - Pistols or Revolvers will be allowed. Targets will be shot at three different distances. All hits will count towards points.

    Rifle Marksmanship - Aegs/Polestars on semi only, spring, or bolt actions will be allowed. Same as the pistol shooting, 3 targets, 3 different distances. But will much farther away.
    * This will be before the game starts. So spectators can watch. But you will be asked to move or leave the field if you are down range.

    Card Games - These games will be ran by none other then Tank himself! His house, his game, his rules! Expect at least 3 card games thru out the day. Each hand won will get your side points or goodies to complete a mission.

    Horse Barrel Racing - The Pony Stick must be kept between the legs as your gallop around the obstacle course. If you drop your Pony, you must STOP and pick it back up, place back between the legs and then you continue galloping. Remember it is a race. So gallop fast, but safely.

    Hits and Bleed outs - All players must have a RED or WHITE rag, towel, hankerchief or bandanna. Red and white bandannas are ok. Call your hits! If you get you are to STOP exactly where you are at and pull out your bleed out rag and call for a DOC.(medic) Bleed out time tba.(as it is being debated.) You can only be healed by a doc once before you are dead and must respawn.

    DOCS aka Medics. - 2 on each side, more will be assigned depending on the numbers. A simple pat on the shoulder is enough to heal them. May get bandages, but we will see as in the next couple of weeks. For now we the mecic document on his/her medical card how many players were healed; as you will be limited on the healings per session of the game.

    Horse Carriages - Much like a helo insertion, a pony rider must have the pony with him/her at all times. The pony rider can only carry a pistol or revolver. The pony rider can "carry" up to 6 players. Each player MUST keep one hand on the rope that is attached to the pony! Failure to do so means you fell off the pony and must stay in place for 10 seconds before you can get up and run back to horse carriage. The players will be immune from hits unless you fall off the pony! The pony rider is not immune! If the pony rider is hit. All players must dismount (let go of the rope) and are to continue on foot. Normal hit rules will then apply to the player and the pony rider. Expect 1 on each side.

    Reinsertions are to be done at your designated HQ. Unless the number makes it unfeasable then there will be a designated hospital. So you must touch the hospital then go to HQ then reinsert. You will not be in play again until you touch the HQ.

    Remember this is a points game! All missions, some card games won, shooting games, knife throwing games, and even the costume contest will count towards points. Points will not be told to the players to keep morale up.

    Hand made awards will be given to the following:

    Victorious Commander
    Huckleberry x 2
    Most Valuable Team x 2
    Most Valuable Player 2
    Best Card Player
    Best Pistol Sharpshooter
    Best Rifle Sharpshooter
    Best Costume
    Best Young Gun
    Best Pistolero
    Best Rifleman
    Best Heavy Gunner

    Pistol Sharpshooting
    Rifle Sharpshooting
    Horsey Race
    Knife throwing competition
    Card Games*
    Pistol duels*
    * Card games and pistol duels will be held thru out the game as well.
    Each game will get your side points!

    Rose Creek Massacre Timeline

    7am Gates open
    7:30 Registeration starts
    8:30am Opening ceremony and briefing
    9:00am Pre event starts
    9:30am Game on!
    11:30am 15 min. Break
    11:45am Resume Game!
    1:00pm Lunch
    1:45pm Resume game!
    3:00pm 15 min. Break
    3:15pm Resume Game!
    4:00pm Final duel
    4:30pm Awards and closing ceremony
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    Victory through superior fire power

    9-11-01 We will never forget.

    Who am I! I am a champion!

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    Victory through superior fire power

    9-11-01 We will never forget.

    Who am I! I am a champion!


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      There will be a swap meet during the lunch break. Bring any airsoft items you want to part with.
      Victory through superior fire power

      9-11-01 We will never forget.

      Who am I! I am a champion!