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    Hi Everyone,

    I haven't played airsoft in 17 years. I use to play around 2000-ish/2001 with the Silent Knights. I would like to get back in to airsoft but not sure whats going on anymore. Back in the days Tokyo Marui was the it still the best brand? Are there weekly games etc? Thanks in advance
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    Welcome back. Yeah Tokyo Marui is still good. But a lot of other brands have stepped up their game and produce some pretty good stuff now. 5J still has airsoft game every weekend but not sure of the turn out. High Ground Airsoft in Spring has games every day except Monday if you like CQB and is indoors. If you have a Facebook account you can join Xtreme Airsoft Events, Tanks Airsoft Games and East Texas Airsoft. Most all games are advertised on Facebook now but I have been trying to post those games here as well for those who don't have a Facebook account. I'm kinda behind due to being busy. Xtreme Airsoft is a airsoft store in Richmond and has a nice selection of guns and gear if you need anything. Again welcome back and hope to see you on the field.
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      Hey if your interested please make sure to visit us: (We have an airsoft indoor field in West Oaks Mall at Highway 6 and Westheimer so very close to Sugarland!)

      If you don't want to invest too much, try out G&G we use CM16 Lite's for our rentals and even though they are plastic bodies they are extremely good and reliable. Plus very cheap!