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New here looking for a Glock 19 replica, KJW?

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  • New here looking for a Glock 19 replica, KJW?

    Hey peeps

    I'm looking for a KJW glock 19, some digging around the net tells me this is discontinued and not sold anymore. Where would I go to buy a used one or nos then?


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    I'm not sure about the KJW one other than you are correct it has been discontinued. I do know Elite Force is the only one who makes the full licensed with trade marks Glock 19 now and are on pre-order now. Suppose to be release sometime this month. You can get it through Xtreme Airsoft or Evike.

    If you are still looking for a used KJW try or if you have a smartphone there is an app call Hop Up that is a B/S/T app for airsoft.
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      Thanks ChopperMech, I will definetly hit up the app. The licensed Glock Airsoft is on pre order still. So that might be an option when they start delivering real products.