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Need help with new tactical gear color for new loadout

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  • Need help with new tactical gear color for new loadout

    I am updating my loadout and would like to know which camo pattern of tactical gear is best for me. I am stuck between the patterns of: a) OD Green, b) Tan /Khaki /Coyote, or c) Multicam.
    The Camos I use are (Not in order of frequent use, I pick a random one and go (for walk on skirmishes) with the exception of the black based patterns):

    Green Based: M81 Woodland, SS Leto/ Patizan (Russian), White Berezka (Russian), Green Kamush (Russian, given to me from my cousin after Milsim West Kazakh Revolution. I wore it to Last Stand Rostov)
    Tan Based: Tri-color Desert, Desert Tiger Stripe, Multicam
    Black Based: Solid Black (Russian made)

    Those are the patterns I use and
    the patterns for tactical gear: a) OD Green, b) Tan /Khaki /Coyote, or c) Multicam.
    Which pattern is most versatile for the camos I use and why?
    Thank you for taking the time to help me and I hope to see you on the field.
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    In my opinion tan/khaki/coyote brown gear is the most versatile across all the camo patterns you wear. I have ATACS AU, Woodland MARPAT and Black and I use tan/coyote brown gear. If you only wear one color based camo ie green base camo then OD green. If only black then black and of course tan then tan gear. Tan to me just looks better if you are switching between the camo colors. That is just my opinion.
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      Thanks for your two cents. I talked with 3 of my cousins ( each served in special forces) and they said multicam is the best because it contains a tan base with spots of green, brown, and white.