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Suit up the Heroic Hearts with Premier Body Armor

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  • Suit up the Heroic Hearts with Premier Body Armor

    The use of body armor has been primitive since ages. In order to protect militants, soldiers, sheriffs, cops and other law enforcing officials from possible harm, the use of body armor is vital. And for tough and secure body armors, one should always consider the name Premier Body Armor, certified with III and IIIA which indicates that the officers can defend themselves during defending everyone else. These body armors from the company can protect you against several kinds of projectile threat of shot guns, assault rifles like ARs and AKs, sniper rifles and handguns.

    The steel armor from Premier Body Armor are high in quality and long-lasting and are prepared to endure any kind of attack in order to keep the person safe. With the products of Premier Body Armor, you would never compromise with your security, life and safety. At Premier Body Armor, they understand that you deserve the best protection in order for being a hero to others.

    The company also offers the best Wilder Tactical MOLLE accessories, in order to help you adapt and develop you tactical kit or duty uniform regarding dangerous environment and changing hazards. These accessories provide you the capability of changing your load out on the fly. Apart from these accessories, Premier Body Armor also provides steel ballistic plates for multi-hit protection which are super thin and light weight. From universal tourniquet tactical accessories to rifle and handgun magazine pouches, everything is available with the latest designs at Premier Body Armor. Reasons why you should trust Premier Body Armor:

    1. With the best design and super comfort the body armors from the company are multi-curved and can endure multi-hits.

    2. The armor suits from the company are thinnest or lightest with the level III steel armor, and hence it is not a headache to be carried.

    3. These armor suits pass through vigorous testing for providing the absolute protection, which is why these suits are NIJ Certified.

    4. The company fabricates their own durable carriers and tactical vests followed with the innovative designs for protection, flexibility and protection.

    5. All the armors from the company come with a warranty of 10 year.[/list]
    Spending a 20 years of experience in making of body armors, the company had successfully created “Premier Durus 8000 NIJ Certified”, which is a complete body armor system loaded with all sorts of weapons.

    To know further, visit