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    So how many active members are even around any longer? Just curious, it seems like there is hardly ever any new posts.....

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    Been out of the game a while, looking to attend Reindeer Games this December.
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      Originally posted by ace_clemento View Post
      Been out of the game a while, looking to attend Reindeer Games this December.
      I have been out too and am planning to attend RDG as well. I am starting to go to local events to get back up to speed and shake down my gear. I'm really not sure what happened but one day I woke up and realized that I hadn't touched my gear much less been to an event in years.


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        I'm probably the only one that is still active here. A lot event posting and discussion has moved to Facebook. Players have either quit or moved on to other things in life. I post events here that I find on Facebook for those who don't do Facebook and try to answer questions that pop up if I can. If I can't I will get an answer. Facebook to me can get too jumbled up in my opinion and information or updates get lost. Here I can organize all the information I find in one neat format. I think a lot of people lurk around here so the information is here and a lot of other good information is available as well.
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          Yeah this site is dead af. I check it maybe once every 1-2 months hoping more impressionists pop up. There's a only a few in this city. Tanks games turnouts are pretty good and HGA is a thing. Other than that you have to drive up to Austin or DFW to find another community of any size.

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            I'm not "active" but I poke my head in occasionally. Havent went to a game in years though. Been doing SCA and astronomy as primary hobbies
            I am the same person as this:

            Don't try to contact me through that acct because I cannot access features on it. The profile is broken for some reason.

            I am not too active in airsoft anymore. Spending my time with the SCA


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              Due to the website being super cluttered with a lot of different out dated topics I might make a new website similar to HA and advertise it to people at the games.