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    What upgrades need to be done to a G&P Bomber to bring it to field-able condition? I want to weigh keeping it and modding it vs getting another GBBR and getting rid of it. I like the Bomber, it's realistic and has the Colt trades but is it worth tinkering with it?

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    Not sure how far away you live but one weekend you should take it to Xtreme Airsoft and talk to their techs. They are located in Richmond. They are very knowledgeable. I believe Jeremy is their GBB expert. They can do what ever upgrades you need/want or if you are comfortable doing your own teching they can give you advise. If you do go make sure you gun is a gun bag or case.
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      Been there a few times, great guys. I haven't dealt with them about the Bomber but will see what they can do. Up till now I have worked on everything myself but just don't feel like messing with any of my replicas any longer.......more important things than them to work on.