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Ghk g5?

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    Originally posted by GhostRecon
    Im the one with the G5, he has the We-tech m4.

    And for the range. I actually havent even done a range test yet.. lol

    Same, and truth be told, I just put an NPAS in mine so I don't even know what FPS it's shooting at. Once I get the FPS to about 390 or 340 (which ever I'm closer to), then I'll start tuning my FPS. No point in setting the popup if I'm going to change the level of gas flowing through the system.

    And not to brag or anything, but the WE M4 was able to put a whole mag down range on full auto and have 14 semi auto shots left in it XD to be honest I was really surprised.

    Anyway, I should be there with my WE M4, Multicam JPC, and TM Sig 226 all to check how well everything runs together. Probably going to be in a multifamily (LOL auto corrected Multicam) BDU too. Ghost, I'm a bring my Masada too so we can talk.
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      But, I cant make it to PBZ south the 27th D:

      And I think the reason my full auto was like that, was because i didnt gas it all the way. -.- *facepalm* because I remember running one of them through full auto and it emptied and I release alittle bit more air from the relief valve.

      Also, your brand of masada is the magpul licensed or edition? Or the A&K?
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        Originally posted by BLACK_WATER1
        Would a miracle barrel be a good idea to put in the g5?

        Honestly, I wouldnt go any crazy route when it comes to upgrading guns, I find the simple things work best. So, putting just a 6.03, lets say 350mm or so barrel in it, would be sufficient.
        "To know yourself, is to know the enemy."


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          I will be there in multicam or woodland bdu with my kwa m16. Hope to see y'all out there!
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            anybody knows what kind of magazine lip GHK G5 using?


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              Originally posted by alfredr View Post
              anybody knows what kind of magazine lip GHK G5 using?
              Contact Xtreme Airsoft. They can help you. I know a couple guys there who use GHK products.
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