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Starter AEG's and Lancer Tactical.

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  • Starter AEG's and Lancer Tactical.

    I've been wanting to get into this sport recently and have a budget of 100-250$ and have been looking at Lancer Tactical. I know this brand has gotten some bad rep, but many say the internals are good is this true? The gun that really caught my eye was the gen 2 Interceptor (link below). I have also been looking at G&G and it seems that I like the modern m4 without a carrier handle/sight without the round rail thing m4s have. I have also been looking at the Avalon (don't know which is best) but it seems a bit pricey for my first gun, as I should mention I've never played before. I have played other similar sports, but airsoft seems the best? I don't really have the option of renting because the nearest field to me is outdoor and the only one that rents is High Ground so I don't know what to do. : Lancer Tactical INTERCEPTOR SPR (BLACK LT-25B) : Sports & Outdoors

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    I really don't know that much about Lancer Tactical. VFC Avalon I can't say much about but VFC in general are good quality guns. G&G is usually what I recommend for a starter gun and usually within everyone's budget. They are pretty good has far as performance out of the box and can easily be upgraded later. JG is another good one to start with. In fact my first AEG was a JG M4 S-System. I still have it. I don't really use it anymore because I have moved on to gas blowback and HPA. But it serviced me well for about 2 years with no problems. I have since upgrade the plastic body to metal and put a tighter inner barrel and better bucking in it and tuned up the gearbox and it still works great. My son to this day uses every now and then. I know it maybe a drive but go to Xtreme Airsoft in Richmond they have a good selection of guns and gear and they will even let you shot guns you like at their little indoor shooting range. They are also very knowledgeable. Plus they are all airsoft players.
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