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    TANKS PAINTBALL PARK - General Airsoft Rules of Play
    Version 2.1
    At every Op or Game hosted at TANK'S paintball parks, an Officer in Charge (OIC) will be appointed by the event organizer. The OIC will be the final decision maker in all disputes, safety issues and rule questions. ALL OIC DECISIONS ARE FINAL.
    All players must have a Tanks Paintball Parks liability waiver on file. They may be filled out on-line prior to the game or at the field on game day. At registration, you will be given a player ID Badge.
    DO NOT LOSE THIS. IT WILL NOT BE REPLACED UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. This is your event ticket. This ID will allow event staff to see if you have had your weapons inspected as well as ID you as a player for drawings, lunch, etc.
    Before the first phase of play players are to have their weapons (grenades, melee, and airsoft) inspected at the inspection/chronograph station. You will receive colored ZIP-TIES for your weapons based on the type and velocity. All old ZIP-TIES must be removed before receiving new ones. Home Made weapons are allowed provided they meet safety requirements. Final decision on these will be up to the OIC.
    The maximum velocity of AEG and Gas weapons will be referenced in the form of muzzle velocity in feet-per-second using 0.20 gram BBs. HPA systems will chrono with .32 gram BB’s with a joule output of no more than 1.52 joules for Assault classes and not exceeding 1.88 joules for DMR roles. LMGs must adhere to the same joule output as DMR while not exceeding 22 rounds per second. Bolt action rifles using .4 gram BB’s are allowed up to 3.2 joules. The maximum BB weight for play is; .43 for bolt action, .36 for DMR and all other weapons should not exceed .32 gram BB’s.
    Indoor & CQB Velocities: During indoor events and/or Close Quarters Battles, the indoor velocity rule is to be observed at all times. No AEG (Automatic Electric Gun), Gas Gun, or electric/gas pistol that is full-auto or burst-capable is allowed to fire above 300fps. This is a hard limit. Pistols will adhere to Pistol Velocities of 350fps as stated below. Personal safety, as always, is especially important during indoor games. Stock AEGs can still be hazardous at close distances. Users will aim torso or lower as situation allows.
    Riflemen Velocities: For assault classes, there is a minimum engagement distance of 20 feet at 400 fps. A surrender should be presented for any engagements under the 20 feet rule. AEGs are NOT to be used when 20 feet or closer to another player. If there is a risk of a player not taking the surrender in tight situations, use your approved sidearm.
    Support Weapon Velocities: LMG weapons will have a minimum engagement distance of 60 feet with 450 fps. A secondary gun that meets the Standard Outdoor Velocity must be carried as well for any engagements under the 60 feet rule. Support Weapons are defined as those weapons specifically purpose-designed to be used in a support role featuring belt-feed with QD barrel. Illustrative examples would be accurate replicas of the M249 & variants, M60 & variants, M240, MG42, MG34, Shrike, HK21/23, PKM, Negev, and others with the required features. A regular AEG assault rifle with a box mag shooting over 400fps spring level does not constitute a support weapon. Absolutely no indoor engagement.
    Sniper Weapon/DMR Velocities: DMR weapons will have a minimum engagement distance of 60 feet with 450 fps. A secondary gun that meets the Standard Outdoor Velocity must be carried as well for any engagements under the 60 feet rule. Sniper Weapons are defined as bolt action or semi-automatic only. Any weapon with the ability to be switched full auto does not constitute a sniper weapon. Absolutely no indoor engagement.
    Pistol Velocities: Semi-auto gas, electric, or spring pistols are restricted to 350fps. This is a hard limit. Pistols/Sidearms should adhere to the same rules for CQB regardless of indoor and outdoor skirmishes. In all instances, these replicas should be aimed centermass or lower. In cases where a high-power pistol is used, it must follow the AEG, support weapon, or sniper rifle category based on its' muzzle energy output.
    Night Game Velocities: During games held in a nighttime or lowlight time period in an outdoor environment, the AEG/Rifleman velocities will be observed at all times for all replicas. No replica of ANY type will be allowed to fire over 400fps. This applies to AEGs, gas guns, shotguns, support weapons, and sniper rifles. As always, a surrender should be presented for any engagements under the 20 feet rule. These 400fps/.2g replicas are NOT to be used when 20 feet or closer to another player. If there is a risk of a player not taking the surrender in tight situations, use your approved sidearm. All pistols will adhere to the normal pistol velocity rules. Player safety is always stressed and is especially important during low light/night conditions. As always, ensure to aim low when possible.
    The limits above IN NO WAY indicate what your guns should be shooting at! It is NOT a goal to reach! It is a LIMIT. It is recommended that your guns shoot below these figures. Also, remember, the stronger the spring, the more expensive upgrade parts you will need, and the sooner your gun will break.
    There are NO MELEE kills at OP: Gridwall. All training weapons which are not your actual airsoft gun are strictly prohibited. Actual knives, bayonets, spears, swords, or any other such weapon is NEVER permitted. You may be subject to checks to ensure there are no extraneous weapons or training weapons on your person.
    Note: Failure to follow the recommended safety guidelines can put yourself and others in danger of bodily harm. Some safety rules may vary from field to field, so please take the time to familiarize yourself with your local Airsoft safety rules before playing. Safety should always be your first concern.
    Eye Protection: Proper eye protection is mandatory at ALL Tanks Airsoft event. Ballistic Shooting Goggles that do not have any cracks, or holes larger than 6mm are allowed. Ballistic shooting glasses are only permitted if they wrap behind the eye. All eye protection is subject to approval. All lenses must be rated at ANSI Z87.1-2003 (also known as Z87.1+). Regular shop goggles, shooting glasses that do not wrap behind the eye, or regular sunglasses are not adequate enough for protection and are not allowed! Mesh eye protection is NOT permitted. Eye protection must be secured with a band to ensure they do not come off during gameplay.

    Lower face protection is suggested if you intend to play in a CQB environment at any point in the game, although it is not required.
    Under 18: All players under the age of 18 are required to wear full face and sealed eye protection.
    General Safety
    Firing on observers, eliminated players, or any other non-participating individuals is prohibited. Such action is grounds for immediate ejection from the field of play, and constitute termination of that player's activity for that day's schedule. All weapons should have a Barrel Blocker/ Barrel Sock or the magazine removed as an extra precaution when the weapon isn't in use. Fireworks, pyrotechnics and similar devices are only allowed to produce safe effects, such as smoke, light and sound, and they will have to pass inspection before each game.
    Check your weapons and gear for proper functionality before starting play. A player is personally responsible for his/her equipment, whether owned, borrowed, or rented. If you break or ruin something, you will be held responsible for any damages. Accidents do happen. Be careful and play responsibly.
    No blind-firing. If player cannot see where the muzzle is pointed, such as sticking a replica around a corner of a building or up over a bunker without looking, that is blind-firing. The player must be able to see the muzzle and the intended target area.

    *Note: Airsoft games do not adhere to the same gameplay styles as paintball, shooting and ducking into cover without confirming hit or miss constitutes blind firing and is against game rules.
    We have taken the first step in uniform requirements. This season we will be running 2 sides for the full duration. Black, Tan (Desert) and Green, a combination of these will form the two factions. (For example: Black and Green versus Tan, or Tan and Black versus Green.) Essentially how this will work is your kit, clothing, camo pattern, or attire must be predominantly one of these colors. Now knowing not everyone has the money to spend on said clothing, what Tanks and Xtreme Airsoft have done is design an Op:Gridwall T-Shirt that will be available in Green or Black or Desert. They will be affordable and for sale at Xtreme Airsoft and Tanks Paintball. You can simply pick one of these up and there you go. Instant Uniform. As a result...We will NOT be requiring armband tape (ABT) in 2017, though this is subject to change.
    Combining differing camos, such as a Multicam shirt and Digital Woodland pants, is no longer allowed. You must be able to clearly identify the team you are on, mixing camo patterns creates confusion and leads to cheating. If you do not own a full set of a particular pattern color, combine it with a solid color. Lack of adherence will prevent you from entering the field. Below is an approved list of camouflage for each team.
    ___GREEN_____________________________________TAN__ __________________________________
    Multicam Tropic Multicam
    Kryptek Mandrake ATACS AU
    Digital Woodland/Marpat Mossy Oak
    Woodland M81 Digital Desert/Marpat
    ATACS FG Desert Tigerstripe
    ATACS IX DBDU/6 color desert/”chocolate chip’
    Tigerstripe LBX Taipan
    LBX Cayman Army UCP & Airforce BDU
    Cadpat Kryptek Highlander, Banshee, Nomad
    OD LBX Project Honor
    UA Reaper UA Barren
    The above camos may not be combined between team colors, all camos in their respective column may be worn interchangeably and must match their team. Tan may combine with solid grey gear and clothing, and green with solid black gear and clothing.

    Ghillie suits must match intended team colors.

    Arm Band Tape(ABT):
    Armbands (ABT) is only required for use by COs and MOS (ROLE PLAYING) Players. These players must wear ABT on BOTH ARMS and above the elbow. PLEASE RETURN THE ARMBANDS AFTER THE EVENT.
    Direct contact with a fired BB on any part of a player's body shall be considered a "kill" or "hit"; and, constitutes that player's elimination. This includes BB contact, or hits, on the person's clothing, headgear, and equipment closely attached to said player's natural body silhouette. This includes unintentional hits by team mates. In order for a hit to be called it must be felt, aim for parts of the body that are not under exceptional amounts of padding. When in doubt, ask a referee for hit confirmation.
    There is no longer a bang-bang rule for player elimination. Players will either use their sidearm at close range or refrain from engaging, failure to do so will result in removal from the game.
    Ricochets, intentional or otherwise, are not considered direct hits or "kills". All penetrating shots shall be considered valid shots; and are not considered ricochets. Penetrating shots are defined as shots passing through grass, bush, leaves or thin material used for cover. A hit from a player's teammate, or "Friendly Fire", shall count as a "kill". Players legally "killed" shall confirm their elimination by shouting aloud the word "HIT", "DEAD", or "OUT". Players "killed" are to immediately signify their elimination by standing upright, holding their weapon or dead rag above their head in clear visibility of any other player after first calling out the words "HIT", "DEAD", or "OUT". "Killed" players must immediately take the most direct safe path off of the field of play to their OWN TEAMS hospital, base or the staging area.
    Exception - Hits on the player's gun, or under special rules, pieces of bulky equipment such as backpacks shall be considered "non-lethal" or incidental hits, and shall not be use as a basis for elimination.
    Each team will have several (number to be decided on at the event) of designated squad medics. These medics will be designated with white armband tape, provided by the OIC, before the event starts. Medics may NOT trade roles to other players. Once you are a medic you are a medic for the entire game.
    Each player must carry an IFAK pouch on their person. The IFAK must contain 1 bandage large enough to go around an arm or leg. (HINT: ACE BANDAGES work well) When you, the player, is are to lay on the ground, if it is safe, to get out of the line of fire and signal for a medic. The medic must COME TO THE PLAYER. Injured players may not move on their own after getting out of the line of fire. Other players may drag the injured player to safety or to a medic. The medic must then locate the players IFAK, remove the bandage and tie the bandage around the player. Once bandaged, the player may return to play. If a bandaged player is hit, they are eliminated and must raise their deadrag/weapon and return to their hospital. Players may remove their bandage ONLY AFTER tagging up with their base or hospital. If a bandaged player's bandage falls off, they are eliminated. MEDICS may use their personal IFAK or another players IFAK to bandage other players.
    IFAK bandages will not be provided for purchase at the day of the event, if you do not own one, and a bandage is not available to you, you must return to base and respawn. Plan ahead.
    If you want an example of how this works....see HERE:
    Eliminated players are prohibited from giving hints, clues or instructions to any active player. DEAD PLAYERS DONT TALK!
    Adjacent to each base will be a hospital. The hospital is the only MASK OFF area of the field. NO WEAPONS ARE ALLOWED INSIDE THE HOSPITAL EVER! And on the same note, there will no firing from or into the hospital. They simply serve as a cool zone and place for players to reload mags or relax on-field. When a player is eliminated, they must physically touch the hospital and then return to their respective base. They must then physically touch the base to be considered "live", any time a player leaves the field of play they MUST visit THEIR OWN TEAMS hospital PRIOR to entering the game.
    In the event that the enemy has taken possession of the base, the CO or XO may ask the base referee for a "hot insertion". During a hot insertion, players DO NOT need to return to their hospital for “bleedout” after an elimination. They simply need to touch the base and they are immediately back in play. Once the opposing force has been repelled, the base referee will declare the hot insertion over, and normal insertion rules will again apply.
    BASES & COs:
    Each side will have a base. The base is the only place the CO or their XO may receive their missions. It is critical that someone be designated "in charge" at all times at the base. At regular intervals base referees will "drop" a mission packet to whoever is designated "in charge" If no one is in charge the referee will begin a 5 minute window. If no one receives the mission packet within the 5 minute window the missions will be SCRUBBED and no points awarded. Bottom line. CONTINUITY OF COMMAND is necessary in order to score the max amount of points.
    At no time is physical contact of ANY kind allowed between players. The only exceptions to this rule would be:
    A medic "healing" a player
    A player aiding a player over an obstacle or off the ground
    A player helping an injured player

    Physical aggression will result in immediate expulsion from the game and possible barring from future events. Remember that this is only a game. Play fair, be safe, and have fun.
    Time-out calls shall apply only in cases of emergency such as accidents, serious injury requiring medical attention, notification of personal/family emergencies, presence of civilians or other non-participants. Players and staff are required to yell a "BLIND MAN" call in order for everyone to immediately cease gameplay until the emergency has been addressed.
    At Tanks Paintball & Airsoft Parks all property and play boundaries are marked with flagging tape or wire fences. At no time shall players manipulate, move, handle, cross, or shoot beyond these boundaries unless instructed to do so by the admin staff.
    Players shall not engage an opponent from, into, and/or across any designated "No Fire" zone.
    Before entering a staging area or any no-fire safety zone, first remove the replica's magazine, fire the replica on semi-auto a couple times into the ground to ensure the chamber is clear, and then switch the safety on. Only then should goggles be removed.
    Players shall not shoot their replicas in no-fire zones.
    Use of radio and electronic communications equipment on the field of play is acceptable. However, covert monitoring of opponent radio channels is discouraged. At no time may players use FRS/GMRS channels 13, 14 or 15. These are designated ADMIN ONLY and are for use by event staff. Monitoring and/or use of these frequencies is strictly prohibited.
    Airsoft Hand Grenades:
    Any commercially available devices must be approved by the OIC prior to the safety briefing. You may choose to use BBs (or more environment-friendly popcorn kernels for example) in these devices or not. Players are not allowed to throw grenades overhand; they must be rolled or tossed underhand in a safe manner to avoid striking unprotected heads. Do not throw these devices directly at other players. Any player within 10 feet WHO HAS LINE OF SIGHT of the grenade or device is eliminated.
    Example: Any player within 10 feet of detonation is considered "hit". Player closest to the grenade going off is responsible for calling other players out. Players who are behind cover but within the "kill radius" are safe.
    Distraction devices, i.e. flash bangs: Only commercially-available non-exploding/non-combustible distraction devices are permitted and must be approved by the OIC
    Any commercial launcher using "M203" shells on the market is allowed. Homemade launchers are permitted but must be inspected by the OIC prior to weapons inspection. Minimum engagement distance for shooting "M203" shells follows the pistol or CQB ROE.
    M203-style launchers using BBs:
    BBs shot from a shell must hit a player to be considered a "hit". Players will aim low when using these shells against other players.
    M203-style launchers, RPGs, LAWs, AT4s, rocket launchers using FOAM "rockets" Any other rockets must be approved at Weapons inspection. NO SABOT TYPE ROUNDS ALLOWED. These launchers are not permitted to be directly-fired at players. Rounds can be lobbed into positions/groups of players however. Minimum engagement distance is 30 feet.
    Riot Shields -
    We are going to restrict Riot Shields to 1 per side. Shields must not be any wider than 3 feet (36") and no taller than 5' (60") They must have a window to see through and must be approved by the OIC prior to the event. Grenades, explosives, and LAW rockets eliminate the carrier of the shield as well as any player within 10 feet of impact.
    There are several mission types that will be found in mission packets. They may consist of any one or combination of the following:
    Locate: Quite simple. The player must physically see the objective or target
    Patrol: Players must start at point A and proceed to point B
    Destroy: Players must use a satchel charge and destroy a target
    Assault: Players must attack an area or objective. Typically this means charge and fire upon the target.
    Take & Hold: Players must establish control of an objective and maintain possession of it for the time designated on the card.
    Snipe: A player must fire a single round upon AND HIT the target designated on the mission card be it a person or objective.
    Retrieve: Players must find an object and bring it back to the HQ for credit.
    Escort: Players must locate an NPC (Non-Player Character) and escort them from Point A to Point B
    Rescue: Players must locate an NPC (Non Player Character) and return them to their HQ
    Recon & Report: Players must reach an objective recon the area, and report back to HQ (via radio) what they see. A referee must be present at the objective and verify with the base ref that transmission was received.
    MISSION CARDS: It is up to the player to have the referee verify their progress on their mission cards. Referees will be at the locations for each mission, they player MUST have the referee initial the card to receive credit. Once the mission is complete, the referee will take possession of the card and radio in to the OIC that the mission was complete. THERE WILL BE NO REPLACEMENT CARDS. Lost cards will equate to no points. If players find enemy cards they may destroy them to prevent that side from receiving credit for that mission. Bottom line: don’t lose mission cards. All mission cards will have an expiration time on them as well. Missions completed after the expiration time will not count. Partial credit will be given for any mission only partially completed.
    REFEREES: Several Referees will be on the field. They will be clearly marked. Do not argue with the referees at any time. If you disagree with their call, ask them for their referee number and take it up with the Head Referee or OIC.
    PLAYER REFS: There are a number of experienced players who serve as our "undercover cops". They are looking for unsafe play and cheating. They are also there to answer any questions you may have. They have ID Badges that designate them as player Refs. They may NOT however, sign off on any mission cards.
    WILDLIFE: At no time is shooting of the wildlife permitted. If you encounter a critter that makes you uneasy or you feel is a threat to player safety, back away slowly and inform a referee immediately.
    PERSONAL PROPERTY: The personal property of players is to be respected at all times. This includes, but is not limited to noise makers, distraction devices, strobes, mags, grenade core, & other personally owned equipment. Please return any found items to the registration desk or a referee.
    Victory through superior fire power

    9-11-01 We will never forget.

    Who am I! I am a champion!