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Tank's Airsoft 2017-2018 Game Schedule

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  • Tank's Airsoft 2017-2018 Game Schedule

    2017-2018 TANKS ARSOFT SCHEDULE...All games at TANKS except 7/15/18.

    11/19/17 Walking Dead by PRATT.
    12/17/17 Kringle vs Krampus by TANKS...
    1/21/18 scrimmage
    2/18/18 Wildlands 2 by TANKS
    3/18/18 scrimmage
    4/15/18 Mogadishu
    5/20/18 scrimmage
    6/17/18 scrimmage
    7/15/18 Warehouse Massacre by TANKS
    8/19/18 scrimmage
    9/16/18 scrimmage
    10/21/18 Crawling Dead by TANKS
    11/18/18 scrimmage
    12/16/18 Kringle vs Krampus the Return of The Kringle
    If you would like to write a scrimmage game then message me for your slot.
    Look forward to a great 2018. The July game will be at an offsite warehouse that will certainly be the game to play in 2018.

    Game details will be posted in the Upcoming Events section details come available.
    Victory through superior fire power

    9-11-01 We will never forget.

    Who am I! I am a champion!