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  • Thoughts on play at Tank's

    Finally made it over to Tank's to play a few rounds of Airsoft. We play at HGA the majority of time and recently made it out to D14 for a weekend of play so that's our frame of reference for gameplay and game running.

    Got off to a pretty disappointing start with the guys from Xtreme Airsoft (who host/run the games at Tank's) running pretty late (game start was supposed to be at 9am). Things kind of snowballed a bit with chrono moving at a snails pace and game runners kind of dragging their feet. I found it humorous that they start admonishing everyone to hurry up and get going to start playing games when they already caused us to be over an hour behind. Once games got rolling things improved, but communication to the players really needs to be worked on (a bullhorn would help here so you can actually hear things on the field).

    Yes, it sounds all negative, but this is what the experience was like today. Maybe it was an off day, but not a good initial impression. On the plus side, the folks that showed up to play were all friendly, and I didn't see any on field issues between players. Overall we had fun while we were actually playing, but overall it was kind of a wash with the issues we experienced.

    Things could easily be improved with a few simple changes, at least based on what we've seen at the other places we play. Most important, BE ON TIME! You've got folks paying money to play, it would be nice to start ON TIME!

    Chrono: This is the first chrono test where every mag has to be emptied, then loaded at the chrono station. Time consuming. While it's impossible to have mags for every gun, having the most common rifle mags would speed things up. I mean, c'mon, the host (Xtreme Airsoft) is an AIRSOFT STORE!! You've got the mags.

    Too many chiefs. It was hard to tell who was really in charge when you had at least 6-8 guys chiming in during the briefing. This is not including the peanut gallery who felt the need to start shouting orders as well. A lot of these issues are probably a result of the fact that this is not a dedicated airsoft field with paid refs/game runners. I say this as the other places we've played have been airsoft exclusive with paid employees. So I can appreciate the effort. We'll be back for another go and hopefully today was an anomaly.

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    I'm sure they were having an off day. I know they have been busy vending at other games lately.
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